Toni‘s art is reminiscent of an era when people took pride in creating things by hand. Each piece of her primitive-styled folk art is a one-of-a-kind creation. While pieces are repeated, they each have been created individually. 


Toni’s passion for appreciating pieces of historical folk art began during a 4th grade field trip to an historic home in Portsmouth, NH, a town where she was surrounded by history! From a young age she was often found creating in some form, but the desire as an adult to style an entire wall in her home of antique game boards is what pushed her to learn to paint and create her own! (She still hasn’t kept enough of her finished work to fill that wall!) 


She is a self-taught artisan who has both learned and taught several antique craft pastimes such as cross stitch samplers, pulled- and drawn-thread needlework, basket weaving, and rug hooking. Her deepest passion of painting reproduction antiques has, of late, been expanding into her study of drawing, portraiture and other forms of fine art. Stay tuned!  

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